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If you maintain a finance-related website, joining our affiliate program can earn you income when you drive potential customers to Firstrade. A pioneer in online trading, Firstrade has been providing a complete suite of investment products and brokerage services to self-directed investors for 30 years. You’ll be offering a great service to your site visitors and increasing your website revenue at the same time!

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Get cash for every successful referral you make. There is no cap on commissions earned.

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We'll provide you up-to-date banners with our latest promotions.

How it works

When you become a Firstrade Affiliate, we'll provide you with a wide selection of promotional banners containing unique tracking links that you can share through your website. We'll pay you a commission for every visitor who clicks on the Firstrade banners on your site and opens an account with us. There is no maximum cap on the commission you can earn, so your earning potential as an affiliate is unlimited!

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Terms & Conditions

Affiliate gets $75 for each qualified referral.

Payment of an Affiliate Referral Fee is approved when all of the following 5 events occur:

1. A relationship between the Referee and Firstrade does not already exist, including, but not limited to, a household relationship. A household relationship exists when the Referee has the same address as one of our existing customers. Additionally, the Referee's account application is not rejected due to disqualification at the discretion of Firstrade.
2. All of the account application documents are submitted to Firstrade within 30 days after account opening.
3. All accounts must be funded within 30 days of account opening and maintain a minimum balance of $500 during the payment approval process, which it’s usually at the end of each month.
4. Only one Affiliate will be entitled to a Referral Fee for any Referee and only one Referral Fee will be paid per Referee. For thirty days after a Referee initially enters our Website from an Affiliate, the right of other Affiliates to earn a Referral Fee as to that User is suspended (a "Lockup Period").
5. You will not be eligible for a Referral Fee as to any Referee who has prevented cookies from being saved or who otherwise cannot be tracked by our tracking system for any reason. Commission will be granted 30 days later after Referee satisfies above conditions.